destination: mexico

Favorite parts of this JUST-THE-TWO-OF-US trip:

-Renting scooters and riding all over Key West. Anderson drove, and I only almost died once. If you’ve ever been a passanger with him you understand the gravity of this. 🙂

-Reading TWO books in ONE week. Can’t remember the last time!

-Eating like pros at the (many) buffets on the ship. Anderson was extra happy, because I won’t usually eat at buffets with him. I guess being on a boat makes me forget it’s gross? I became one of those crazy buffet people: Suddenly having a craving for salad and pizza AND soft serve. I even ate a little meat one day. The boat does weird things to a person…

-The Mayan Ruins of Tulum. This place was incredible. Breathtaking buildings and beaches.

-Working on our tans. It’s hard work, you know?

-People watching on the ship. Cruise ships = the BEST people watching. So many inappropriate Speedos.

-Eating yummy Mexican food at a hole-in-a-wall in Tulum. We were starving. Maybe because we hadn’t been to the buffet in a few hours.

-The beaches at Playa de Carmen.


-Watching Anderson sing karaoke with a live band on the ship. Very entertaining. It was everything you’d imagine. And more. Not so entertaining: the girl who thought it was a good idea to sing the theme song from Titanic. On a cruise ship. Who does that?!?

-The moon over Cozumel. (See last pic).

We’re SO thankful for Grandma and Grandpa. We couldn’t have taken this trip without them. Well, we could. But we would have to bring Kingston. And vacation with a baby just isn’t really vacation… You understand!