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August was a busy month around here. Here are just a few highlights: -Kingston and I went to the lake house with my parents at…

August was a busy month around here. Here are just a few highlights:

-Kingston and I went to the lake house with my parents at the beginning of the month. My sister-in-law and her kids were there too. Seeing my parents in the middle of grandkid chaos makes me happy. They love it, and it’s hilarious to watch.

-Our friend, Eddy Foye played a conference in Callahan with his band and asked us if we wanted to play/sing with them since they were going to be at my home church. We loved it! It was basically a groupie’s dream come true: Getting asked to play with one of your favorite bands. 🙂

-I saw The Help with some of my girlfriends. We all read the book, so it was fun seeing the movie together. It was the BEST movie I’ve seen in a long time. I might have taught them all how to sneak coffee into a theater that night. We felt very Cosmo Kramer.

-Anderson started surfing, and he’s a bit addicted right now. I thought he’d quit after he saw a shark swim by him, but He hasn’t seen enough of Shark Week to be deterred.

-I got back into the groove with regular photoshoots. And it was GREAT!!!

-We attended a throwback Croquet Party with friends. Did someone say costumes?!? We’re there!

-Kingston was sick most of the month, but I think after 2 visits to the doctor and 2 antibiotics we’re finally getting better.

-We had an intimate Date Night (with 7 other people)!

-My friend Cory and her hubby finally got to meet Kingston over a Hoffman-Almeida reunion lunch. It’s hard to believe some of our buds still haven’t met the little guy, but it never gets old introducing him. He’s a charmer. 🙂

-I did several freelance design jobs and realized how hard it is to work from home while trying to entertain a baby and keep him from eating the foam from a set of headphones, playing in his own throw up, typing on my keyboard…. the list goes on.

-And we ended the month with a family dinner at my parents’ house. Mom’s huge dining room table that seats 12 is finally full, and she couldn’t be happier. My favorite part of the night was after dinner. The “grown-ups” were talking at the table and the kiddos were running around upstairs. My dad had a smirk on his face and was looking up. I followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at the chandelier above the dinner table. He said, “Look. It’s shaking!” There’s nothing like a house full of happy little munchkins playing so hard the lights start swinging. 🙂

It was a good month! I feel so blessed.







  1. My little guy is not so little. I feel like he has grown so much over these past two weeks. I must say I read intimate as inmate too. haha! Miss him. Hugs and kisses!

  2. HA! When I first read "intimate", I read it as "inmate".

    I thought for a split second on how that would be an awkward, but interesting, date night.

  3. Punk, Mom and I are BLESSED!!!!!! To see our children and their families growing in the Lord and serving Him is one of the greatest blessings of all. We thank Him daily for you, Anderson, Kingston, Don, Shannon, Kelsy, Colby and Colton. Did I forget anybody? 😉

  4. I think in the moment your dad looks up I would have asked, "Who's acting up in the balcony?" I think I've received that look before! haha Love you guys!

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