3 people 12 times – may

-My first Mother’s Day. It was an extra-special day, because we had Family Dedication at church that Sunday. (Family Dedication is an opportunity for families with new babies to stand before the church and say that we realize our child doesn’t really belong to us. He belongs to God, and we just want to raise him in a way that totally honors God.) I’m so thankful that I’m part of the Mom Club!

-Kingston went to his first birthday party. His buddy, Leland, turned 1. I think we know what many of our Saturdays will look like from now on. Bring on the kiddie parties!

-I spoke at a Mother’s Day lunch at the church where I grew up. I’m no Beth Moore, but it was a fun experience. The ladies were so kind, and no one threw rotten fruit at me.

-Kingston “found his voice”. He’s been making little grunts and sounds for a few months, but this is hilarious. I’ve started calling him Maria Cary, because he screams (sings) nonstop. It was cute at first… now not so much.

-I spent a day at the spa! Anderson got me a gift certificate when I was pregnant, and somehow I never got around to using it. I finally did, and it was a perfect, relaxing day!

-I’ve felt like we were back to “normal” for a few months, but this month was different. It started to feel like a new normal. An exciting normal. 🙂