3 people 12 times – february

What an exciting year this is going to be for my little family of three! I don’t want to miss anything, but that’s so easy to do when you have an infant and sometimes just want the day to be OVER. This year is full of firsts for us-Baby’s First ____________ fill-in-the-blank. Everything is a first this year! It’s easy to remember to break out the camera on the big occasions, but I also want to remember the mundane everyday stuff that makes these months so special (and hard).

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know that I love Tara Whitney. Her blog is one of the few I still make time to keep up with these days. Last year she did a personal project where she took a picture of her family each month and documented it on her blog. She called it “Six People Twelve Times“. I love the idea and decided to do the same thing this year. The goal is to take a picture of all three of us each month and write a little personal post to go along with it. At the end of the year I want to make a book out of it. At least, that’s the plan!

I skipped January.
I know, off to a great start, right?!
But it’s just as well, because January was a rough month. We’ll just glaze right over it and start with two images from February. Here goes:

-Kingston likes monkeys. It started with the Sock Monkey I made a few years ago. He loves playing with it. Word got out. Sock monkeys are now breeding in our home. I’m holding the largest one we have accumulated… so far.

-We left Kingston with a sitter (other than Grandma and Grandpa) for the first time. We went to Cap’s on the Water and had such a good time. That night we realized two things: We NEED weekly time alone, and we love our little baby more than we ever thought we could. Who knew you could miss someone when you’re only away for a few hours?!

-I started running again. Talk about sore! It’s been a long time, and I still don’t like it. Sometimes Anderson and Mini-Me come too. I dislike it a little less on those days.

-Every Valentine’s Day we go out to dinner with all the other crazy people and later promise ourselves never to do it again. This year we finally kept our promise and celebrated with dinner at home. It was much more fun. Plus we didn’t have to eat at 4:00, because somebody had forgotten to make reservations. 🙂

-We got back to our regular church routine, and it felt like we hadn’t been there in years. We’re never on time and are actually quite a mess every week, but at. least. we’re. there.

-I finally shot my first photo session since November and updated the pink coffee photo portfolio site for the first time in ages. Check it out if you’re new here! It feels so good to be working again.

-Rushing off to a photoshoot with Starbucks in hand used to be my favorite Saturday morning routine. Now it’s hanging out in bed with my boys… until one of them gets bored.

Here’s to many more lazy Saturday mornings!