3 brothers, a wedding, and a baby

Last weekend was a sad one for the women of America (and Brazil), because ALL 3 Almeida boys are now officially off the market. So sorry, girls! We traveled to Grand Rapids to celebrate the grand occasion with Wes and Kylene. It was a fast-paced, busy weekend full of family, food and fun!

My favorite parts:
-Squeezing our new little nephew. He was born 10 days before we got there!
-Enjoying big, leisurely breakfasts each day. Wolfgang’s was my favorite place.
-Partying with the newlyweds.
-Staying up WAY past our “old people” bed time.
-Meeting new people and gaining another extended family. Kylene has the nicest family ever!
-Catching up with my new sister-in-law over dessert. And let me just say that only a confident bride will enjoy a big chocolaty treat the night before (actually the morning of) her wedding!
-Hearing about the boy’s manly bonding time at the shooting range and poker night. Not sure exactly what went on that night, but they acted like a bunch of little boys at a club house: NO GIRLS ALLOWED!
-Staying in beautiful, mod hotel in downtown GR
-Celebrating that our bags made it, and we only had one cancelled flight. Our travels to Michigan are usually much more disastrous.
-Dancing with my crazy husband who impressed himself with his “moves”.

Thanks Anderson for taking all of these pictures!!! I was lazy with the camera this weekend. 🙂