leader of the fuchsia revolution

You’ve all seen her work. Maybe you didn’t realize it was her jewelry, but you’ve seen it. Sparkly heart necklaces, flower earrings and Lucite beads are just a few of Tarina Tarantino’s signature pieces. I love everything she designs, so when my friend Becky invited me to tag along with her and meet Tarina I calmly agreed to go. Yeah right! There was nothing calm about my response. I was so excited! Last week the pink-haired designer visited several boutique stores around Jacksonville that carry her jewelry. She’s promoting her new line, “My Pretty”, inspired by the Wizard of Oz. We met her at Rosie True (one of my favorite stores in J-ville), and I tried really hard not to drool on the jewelry. Tarina was so sweet and approachable and her adorable husband, Alfonso, reminded me and Becky of my hubby. 🙂

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from the afternoon:

Great. Now I want pink hair!

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