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Recently I’ve been getting a lot of personal questions, so I’ll do a post later this month that’s dedicated just to those. If you have…

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of personal questions, so I’ll do a post later this month that’s dedicated just to those. If you have one try to send it to me this week, so I can include it!

Josh asked:
I’m new to this industry and am trying to decide what kind of website to buy. Any suggestions?

My main website is through bludomain. I set it up when I first started my business and have no complaints other than the fact that it’s a template. That means I can only do so much customization. 🙁 My blog on the other hand, is customizable and was designed by Ross at, Flosites. If you have more funds to invest a custom site is great. But if you’re starting out on a budget (as most of us do) bludomain isn’t a bad option.

Stacey asked:
Who are some of your favorite photographers?

The only photography I follow regularly is Tara Whitney. Tara’s work makes me hap-hap-happy. When I’m having an off day or not feeling particularly excited about photography, I visit her site. It always gives me the boost I need. Also, she totally keeps it real!

Cameron asked:
Just curious, what is Anderson’s involvement in your company? I know he shoots weddings with you, but what else?

Well, first of all he’s my cheerleader. (Yep, go ahead. Picture him in a uniform!) Ever since my first real photoshoot in the fall of 2007, he’s been a huge support for me. Starting a business is exciting, but to be honest some days are just discouraging. I remember having so many feelings of doubt and insecurity, especially in the beginning. But he has been a constant source of encouragement. Poor guy. I know he wanted to kill me sometimes.

As you mentioned, he shoots weddings with me too. I love that we get to work together-it’s great! Like me, he started out in videography, so he understands the importance of capturing every little detail during a wedding. He always shoots really interesting angles and different perspectives. I’m secretly jealous. He’s also a Photoshop expert and has taught me a lot in that area. But our editing styles are completely different, plus I’m a control freak, so I do most of my own editing.

He handles a lot of the business side of things too (dealing with the accountant, etc.) I hate doing all that, so I put it off as long as possible. I’m thankful to have him there to take the lead on all that yucky stuff!

I’m thinking of putting his video skills to work on a new promo idea next month, but I might have to cook dinner every night this week to butter him up. We shall see!

Speaking of cooking… we recently had my family over for dinner. I cooked. They brought me this sign. At least their expectations were realistic!


  1. OMG! Lyndsay! You should have SEEN my face as I was reading! I was like… wait… WHAT?!?! You are SO wonderful and such a beautiful person. Thank you for who you are and the talent you contribute to this world. Tons of smoooches!!! xoxo

  2. You are definitely not weirding me out, haha! You make me smile! I am so glad we connected via our blogs and can't wait for the day that we finally get to meet in person!! Let's cross our fingers for WPPI 2010 🙂

  3. Funny, I just stumbled on Lara Jades website over the weekend and out of the blue! Enjoying your FAQ's and your success!

    PS-The sign is awesome! I need one of those 😉
    PPS-I am SOOOOO excited about our NYC trip!!

  4. Lyndsay, this post made me smile! Thank God for wonderful husbands who are our constant cheering squad and dose of reality- they lift us up and keep us focused! I love shooting with Adam and I know you feel the same about Anderson!!! Love ya, girl and am sooo proud of you!!!

  5. Hey girl! I haven't commented in a long time, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you and I'm always looking at your blog and praying for you. I hope we find some time to hang out and become friends b/c who wouldn't want to be friends with you!?! 🙂 Love you! xoxox

  6. Your blog makes me smile every single time that I visit 🙂 I love the sign…he he.
    Ps. Looking forward to the video promo! I think you can butter him up 🙂

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