iHeartRADIO Podcast Feature

Nothing is wasted.” I truly believe those words; even on the darkest days.

All of our experiences – the joys and the pains – happen for one reason: the bring glory to God.

And because of that, I think believers ought to live our lives as an open book. We have a responsibility and a privilege to share the good and the bad with those around us, because we never know who might need to hear our story.

That’s why when the team from the But First, Brunch podcast asked me to come on their iHeartRADIO show I said “YES!” Honestly, I felt like I didn’t have anything important or exciting to say to these girls who do a weekly show targeting millenials where they discuss hot topics and current events.

But here’s the thing… right after my brain tumor diagnosis, I told God that I would make the most of every opportunity he sent my way. Every time he gave me the chance to talk about him, I’d take it. Even on a radio station that doesn’t mention him too often. šŸ™‚ So that’s what I did! I prayed and showed up knowing the girls wanted to talk a little about blogging and ask me some questions about living with a scary health issue. We also discussed the importance of being real on social media, an issue that has become increasingly important to me over the last few years. If you’d like to listen to the episode, click here.

PS-Yes. My name is spelled wrong on the website. That’s the real “story of my life!” šŸ™‚