faq: round 1

I’ve started receiving more questions in my inbox each week than I have time to answer personally. Wow! I really am flattered that you think I might have the answers, so thanks for boosting my ego! I so wish I had could answer each of you personally, but I just can’t. I hope you’ll agree that posting answers here to some of the questions I repeatedly get is the next best thing. Here goes FAQ Post #1:

Lori asked:
Where do you find all the backgrounds (bright walls) that are in your pictures.  They look great and give your pictures a lot of personality.

Thanks Lori! I have a little obsession that I think a lot of photographers share. It involves searching for perfect photo shoot locations. Everywhere I go I see places that I’d like to shoot and often talk clients into checking out the spots with me. Sometimes my ideas sound REALLY strange, but those are the ones that usually turn out to be favorites!

Amie said:
I would love to meet you sometime. Are you available to share some of your wisdom? Let me know. 🙂

I would love to meet you too Amie! Unfortunately, the short answer is: no. That sounds awful though, so let me explain. Quite a few aspiring photographers have asked me this question. I’d love to be able to get together with all of you, but I also like seeing my husband every now and then! One of the things I’m trying to learn is balance, and for me that means putting my personal life and marriage first. Unfortunately that also means some things have to give. But I’ve tried to be creative and have come up with what might be a solution for some of you. I’ve created a How to Make Pink Coffee mentoring program that is basically an opportunity for you to learn everything I know about photography! The catch: I charge for this opportunity. Why? Two reasons: 1.) I have a mortgage. 2.) If you have to invest a little you will put more thought and preparation into it and will make the most of the opportunity! Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

April asked:
Where did you get your tutu/crinoline you wore in your picture for <a href=”http://scarlettlillian.blogspot.com/”>Scarlett’s</a> contest? I want to get some for girls to wear for photo shoots.

April, I love that skirt too! Sometimes I even wear it around the house. 😉 It’s a vintage petticoat, and I bought it on <a href=”http://www.ebay.com/”>eBay</a>. If you don’t use eBay, set up an account today. It’s my absolute favorite website! I rarely shop in stores anymore, because I just don’t feel inspired by what they have to offer. Instead, I get on eBay and look for unique, interesting pieces that make a statement. Did I mention that I love eBay?!

Julie asked:
When you shoot a fast-paced event and have to change lenses do you put the lens cap back on your lenses before putting them back in your <a href=”http://shootsac.com/”>shootsac</a>?

Julie, this is such an interesting question. I’ve never heard it before but wanted to post it, because I like it! I try really hard to put the lens caps on my lenses, but I don’t always do it. When I’m working really fast and under pressure I often forget where I put my cap. Is it in the shootsac, my pocket, maybe I handed it to Anderson or am even holding it between my teeth? Yep, that’s a lovely sight! If I have time, I’ll take a minute to locate it and put it back on the lens, but that doesn’t always happen. Also, I’m not exactly known for taking the best care of things. At least the shootsac protects the lens! 🙂 I also use a <a href=”http://www.lenspen.com/?cPath=&products_id=LP-1&tpid=146″>lens pen</a> to clean my lenses. Anderson bought it for me for Christmas two years ago, and I use it all the time!

I hope these questions and answers help at least one or two of you!