My favorite part of being in school, grade school and college, was Christmas Break. You just can’t beat two whole weeks of resting, relaxing, watching Christmas movies and eating yummy food. I decided that even though I’m officially a grown-up now, there’s no reason that I can’t enjoy a little break. So, I’m officially on vacation until January 5th. I still have some editing to complete and I’ll answer emails, but I won’t place any new orders until after the 5th. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

I’m planning to do all of the above activities and hopefully finish decorating our house too. I keep getting requests for pictures of our home, and I promise to post some when I finish decorating. It’s a process, people! And I have a lot of ideas…if only I could hire a house boy to get everything done!

One completed project: The chalk wall. Yes, that’s a picture of baby Jesus. We are uber-talented. 😉