Toilet Room Update

I have to admit that when I updated our master bathroom recently, I was lazy. So much that I didn’t even touch the toilet room. You know what the toilet room is, right? The little teeny, tiny closet-sized room the contains little more than… a toilet. I just kept that door closed, so it wouldn’t bring down the rest of the area. 🙂 But that didn’t last. I couldn’t handle the ugly cream-colored, scuffed walls for long. So I took a couple days last week and went to it. On three of the walls, I used Valspar Tranquil Bay (this color is taking over my house, but I’m finally almost finished with my last gallon of it!) Then on the last wall, the one that faces the toilet, I decided to try some bold stripes. I used this method, and it worked perfectly. Then I painted the old mirror (this is the only full-length mirror in the house, so it had to stay!) and the trash can gold, added some fun garland to the window, then shopped my house for accessories.

I see a lot more stripes in our future!