The Weekend – In 12 Pictures

We’ve been so busy over the last month. So when we realized we had absolutely nothing to do this weekend, we were pretty excited. We spent a lot of time playing in the backyard, walking aimlessly around a local outdoor shopping center and eating lots of goodies!
(Plus church and soccer, of course. But that’s a given!)

K. Rock is into hats right now-so cute!

Dad’s hat.

Those eyes. Were did this kid come from?!

Tunes on the back porch.

Messy=Good times.

Fact: We eat some form of beans and rice about 5 times a week.



We discovered sidewalk chalk.

These 2 get so much attention together. Not sure who enjoys it most.

Bad Hair Day Twins.

I met a client on Shirley Avenue and had to take a picture, because it reminded me of my Grandma Shirl.

Thought we were taking a picture.