The Hodges Family – A Lifestyle Family Session

THIS FAMILY! I’m not even exaggerating when I tell y’all that I enjoyed every single minute of my photo session with the Hodges Family. In fact, I’d like to hire Rachel to run my life for me. She had lovingly planned out every aspect of this 10th wedding anniversary shoot, and it was so obvious that she shows her love for her family (and everyone around her) in the most intentional, heart-felt way. And her husband, Doug, adores her and their girls. He’s the sweetest husband and dad. They’re just “good people” who love big! After spending only a few hours with this family I left feeling loved. That sounds so cheesy, but it’s the truth!

Happy anniversary, Rachel and Doug!


PS – Rachel gave me an idea for other clients that I had never thought of – we did the first half of the photo session with the whole family. Then she had arranged for the grandparents to come get the girls, so we could do some pictures of just her and Doug. When she told me the plan I had one of those, “Why have I never thought of this?!?” moments and thought some of you might want to try it. I told you I need her to organize my life. 🙂

PSS – How awesome is this location? It’s their family’s farm!