The Big Camera

I’m so excited to show you this painting my friend Monica Foye did. It’s ridiculous!

Last year I saw this painting on Vintage Revivals and decided I needed an equally GINORMOUS piece in my dining room. So of course I went straight to Monica. If anyone could make it happen, she could. She suggested we use canvas instead of plywood, so she could incorporate the dramatic color I wanted in the background. I have a thing for plywood paintings, but she was so right. My dining room is black and needed a little (or a lot!) of color. Glad I listened to the expert! I should’ve asked her to explain the process, but here’s what I know: It’s 7′ x 4′ on 3 canvases. Yeah. BIG! And she used a bunch of different products and layers to give it a textured 3D look. She also incorporated some of my favorite Bible verses AND somehow managed to make the camera look so real! That’s my technical description.

I suggested to Anderson that we should move all of the furniture out of the room and just put a bench in front of the camera, art exhibit style. I can’t really decide if he agreed. I’ll give it some time! And I’ll post pictures that show the whole room one of these days… wanted to show you the details first.

Monica also did these paintings for Kingston when he was born! I’m telling you, she’s amazing. I’d love to connect you with her if you need an equally dramatic piece (or maybe not so much) for yourself. She also teaches art classes for kids, so you could sign your kid up and make them create some cool stuff for your home. I mean, use your resources people!