sweet and sassy

“She’s sassy!” That’s what Sidney’s mom told me before we started shooting. I got really excited, because as far as I’m concerned, every little girl should have some sass! This little cutie had some…and more.

I cracked up throughout the whole session. I kept thinking about stories my parents have told me through the years-stories about my sassy little toddler self. I wonder if I acted like Sidney. She was also smart and full of sweetness, but I’m telling you what, if she was going to smile it had to be her idea. I love that! Even when Mom and Dad started jumping up and down like bunny rabbits, trying to make her smile, she just looked at them like they were crazy. I one the other hand couldn’t stop laughing at them! Stacey and Brad, thank you so much for letting me play with your family. I hope you enjoy the preview!