sweater refashion

Remember my OPAM projects?
Oh, those were the days.
I miss having time for really involved projects but these days only seem to have time for a quick little DIY here and there. I hope to get back to those month-long adventures soon, but for now my latest is a simple sweater refashion. I love winter clothes and think boot socks look so cute, but we don’t really get to wear warm layers here in Florida. You should see the girls around here (myself included!) on the handful of cool days we do have. We dress in some major layers. We want to wear all our winter clothes and know we have a very small window of opportunity. It’s a bit ridiculous! So naturally, I need a pair of boot socks (just in case we have a cold spell this month) and decided that I could easily make them from an old sweater!

Here’s how to make your own pair:

1.Choose a sweater with a design or color you really like. Houndstooth is one of my favorite prints. Then make sure the sleeves fit over your calves. This is a very important step! And if you have nice calves (instead of chicken legs like me), you might need to use a men’s sweater or buy a larger size than you normally wear.

2. Cut the sleeves off the sweater. I didn’t even hem the edge I cut. But if you want to give them as a gift you could do that extra step. Mine haven’t unraveled at all though.

3. Embellish your “socks” with cute buttons, a piece of lace around the top, or a cute embroidered pattern using embroidery floss.

4. Put on your favorite boots and admire your handiwork!

So easy! And if you happen to make a pair of these and wear them out in the snow please send me a picture, so I can live vicariously through you. 🙂