Spicing Up Date Night with Date Crescent

A few weeks ago we used Date Crescent to help us plan a fun date night, and I’m excited to tell you all about it! Date Crescent is a concierge service that helps couples plan unique and exciting date nights. We love going out on dates but often get in the dinner + movie rut. Don’t get me wrong, I’LL TAKE IT! But sometimes it’s fun to try something different.

That’s where Date Crescent comes in! Their process is so simple. I signed up for an account here then filled out a profile for me and Anderson. It asked some questions about our likes/dislikes, and then I submitted a date request. I liked that I could pick from different types of experiences: Energizing (think outdoor adventure), Enriching (museums, shows, etc), Epicurean (FOOD!), or Surprise Me. No one will be shocked to here that we chose an Epicurean date. šŸ™‚ Next I picked a day, budget, and how far we were willing to travel, and within a day or two I got an email with our date night suggestion – a cooking class through Publix Apron Cooking School! I accepted the itinerary, and Date Crescent booked everything for us. It was so easy!

There were four other couples in our cooking class, and it featured an Asian menu. We love Asian food, so that was a fun surprise! When we arrived, we met the chefs and snacked on charcuterie as the class got started. The class was completely hands-on. The chefs walked us through each dish but made us all do the work, so we learned a lot! (Mainly that I don’t have any of the supplies needed to make a delirious Asian meal. ha!) After we made our feast we all sat down and ate in about 5 minutes. Everyone was so hungry, because we’d been cooking for 2 hours! The food was delicious. So good that we went over to our friends’ house the next night and made some of it for them. This was noteable, because when we come to a dinner party we always bring a. A salad, b. A pre-made dessert, c. Takeout. šŸ™‚ If you’re in the southeast, check out Publix Apron Cooking School! You’ll have a great time, and your friends/family might benefit too! šŸ˜‰

We were both incredibly happy with our Date Crescent experience. So much that we’re using them again next week! It was so nice to sit back and let someone else plan our date, and I think we both enjoyed the surprise factor too. I’ll report back on our next experience, but in the meantime, sign up for a free account and check it out for yourself. If you’re planning a special date for your anniversary/birthday/big celebration let Date Crescent come up with something unique for you!

The chef saying NO measuring cups = my typical kitchen face

Chicken Satay

Thai Shrimp Noodle Bowl and Banana Macadamia Spring Rolls