Share the Love

Kingston is an only child. That might not always be the case. But right now it is. One of my goals in raising an only child is making sure he understands that it’s not all about him. In many ways, our family revolves around him. That’s just how it is when you have kids sometimes. Whether you are raising one or twelve. But I really want to teach him to serve others and care about their needs. I was praying about this one day and God told me that if I’m going to teach this to my little boy I have to model it in my own life. Well, that makes sense! So I started talking to Anderson about some ways we can show love to people in our lives. And I immediately thought of a grumpy man in our neighborhood that we always see when we’re out and about. I decided we should do something nice for the man. Then I started praying that God would show me more tangible ways to serve others and show His love to those around me. And he did. I had to start a list, because the ideas kept coming! Since February is “love month” I really want to focus on loving the people I come in contact with. So I decided to make it fun and do a “Share the Love” campaign to encourage other people to get involved and intentionally share God’s love. I asked some bloggers who I know (or know of!) to join me and am humbled that many of them are. I’m so excited to be partnering with these ladies in the “Share the Love” campaign:

Sarah Beth

But we can’t do it alone and want you to be part of this too! Here’s our plan and some ways YOU can get involved with us:

– Join us in spending the next two weeks doing random acts of kindness in our neighborhoods, towns… even in our own homes. There’s no limit or magic number of acts that you need to do. (Those type of limitations stress me out, so we’re not doing that!) You can do 1 act of love or 1 a day. Whatever works for you. Do something nice for a neighbor, send a card to an elderly for no reason, show grace to someone who isn’t kind to you, give an unexpected gift, show up at a friend’s house with dinner (then leave!)… there are so many things we can all do! Spread the word about “Share the Love” to your readers, friends, random people in the grocery store… whatever. The more people joining us, the merrier!

– Your don’t have to be a blogger to participate though! You can post about your “Share the Love” adventures through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter along with us. Just use the hash tag: #ShareTheLove2013 and feel free to use the graphic above!

– Then on February 14th (LOVE DAY!!!) we’re all going to post some of the ways we’ve shared the love over the last few weeks. I’m so excited about that day and want all of you to have a central place to share too, so we’re going to do a big group link-up. You’ll be able to share a link from your blog and tell us all about your “Share the Love” adventures. Now that’s going to be fun!

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, join us! I truly believe that sometimes even the smallest acts of kindness can change someone’s life, and I’m so excited to see the ripple effect. Will you join me in praying that we will be open to the needs around us and have the courage to respond?

Now get out there and “Share the Love!”