Rhonda Ellis – Cultivating a Home

I liked Rhonda as soon as she greeted me in her kitchen with an arm full of shirts and asked for a little wardrobe advice….

I liked Rhonda as soon as she greeted me in her kitchen with an arm full of shirts and asked for a little wardrobe advice. She’s the type of person that immediately sets you at ease. Her home is your home. And she actually takes that idea to the next level! With six children, the Ellis Home is quite the hub of activity. But it doesn’t stop there. Rhonda is constantly hosting others – from cooking up big meals for large groups, to teaching women at a monthly event called “Cultivate,” to Bible studies, weddings, celebrations, teenagers just hanging out… There’s always something going on at her home!

And somewhere in between all the excitement Rhonda finds time to run her business, Cultivating a Home, speak to women’s’ groups all over the country, host monthly events, and she even started a blog earlier this year! She is passionate about mentoring women, and one of the ways she does this is through a monthly gatherings where she opens her home to them. They eat together, then she talks on topics like “parenting to the heart,” hospitality, or whatever happens to be on her heart at that time. Her desire is to be transparent and keep it real. These events are so popular that I’ve heard Rhonda’s name for years. Several of my girlfriends (all in different circles) have mentioned the impact she’s had on them, so I was excited to meet her and work together. Even though I grew up with the BEST example of a Godly wife and mother (my mom rocks!), I love the idea of having other mentors in my life. People who have walked the same path I’m on and survived! Ha! We all need that, and I’m happy that people like Rhonda are passionate about encouraging other women.

Rhonda says, “I love the Lord, and my desire is that all I say and write about has His Word, the Bible, as the foundation.” I love that! She’s honest about her journey as a wife and mom, and she always keeps the focus on God’s Word; not her opinions. Check out her blog and Facebook if you’d like to know more about her monthly Cultivate events or her speaking schedule!


Rhonda posted about our time together and some behind the scenes pics here.


  1. Wow! What an honor! I so enjoyed meeting you, Lyndsay. Thanks for helping me with the wardrobe. I feel like I've known you forever and enjoyed every minute of our time together.

  2. These are lovely photos and words about Rhonda. She truly is one of the most caring, insightful, and faithful women I know. She is the perfect combination of conviction, humbleness, graciousness…. All in a person that is FUNNY, and oh so genuine! I'm proud to call her a friend.

  3. Very nice article about a wonderful friend and sister-in-Christ. Besides being one of the best representations of the Proverbs 31 women I know, she has a delightful sense of humor that keeps all of us laughing! Her hubby, kids, and all she touches are blessed to have her in their life!

  4. Lyndsay, these pics are beautiful. Rhonda is one of my very best friends, and yes, everything you said about her is true, and even so much more!

  5. Rhonda has been a sweet friend for many years and is always an inspiration. She is such a Godly lady who always speaks encouragement into the lives of others. Her knowledge of the Word, and her gift of teaching, have impacted many lives and families. Rhonda is incredibly humble and eager to focus on others, not herself. I had the privilege of being in the same business with Rhonda and her energy, work ethic and integrity were wonderful. She also has an incredible sense of humor….I can think of so many times when she has had a group of us dying of laughter. Since I live across the country from Rhonda, I’m delighted she has started a blog as an extension of her Cultivate ministry. I have highly recommended that my daughters follow her blog since they are young mommies. I know she will inspire them with her great experience and wisdom…and, that this will have a special impact on my grandkiddos.

  6. I have always been amazed when I have been at the Ellis house when there are 100+ teenagers running all over the property how at ease Rhonda is. She is such a great resource for our youth ministry.

  7. Your description of Rhonda is so accurate! However there is one thing you didn’t mention. It’s her humor! Not only does Rhonda ‘ s love for the Lord stand out upon meeting her, her humor is always hysterical and completely stands out as well!