Pink coffee photo giveaway

This week’s giveaway is from me!
Finally. Right?!
Up for grabs is a FREE PHOTOSHOOT to take place in Jacksonville, Florida sometime this spring. So, if you’ve been saving up your moolah
or waiting for the perfect timing to schedule a shoot, this is your chance!

You must follow Pink Coffee Photo on bloglovin’ to win this contest. So go here and follow me then come back and complete the other steps!

Ways to enter:
1. Leave a comment with your full (family) name. For example, my comment would say, “Anderson and Lyndsay Almeida”.

2. Send a link to this post to everyone you know–friends, family, strangers you meet in the grocery store… and bribe them to leave a comment with
your name as well. Just a thought: Donuts work great as bribery!

3. Link back to this post on Facebook or mention it on your blog (with a link) for 5 extra entries. Comment to let me know you did it.

4. Add one of my blog buttons to your blog for ten extra entries. They’re over there on the left behind the banner that says “Support Pink Coffee”.
The one with Super Kingston driving his Mini is SO CUTE! Comment to let me know you did it.

The person with the most entries wins!
Yep. It’s that simple.

The small print:
-One entry (comment) per ip address. So don’t enter yourself 17 times from the same computer!
-Each comment counts as one entry. (Unless you’re commenting to say you’ve posted a link-5 entries. Or added a blog button-10 entries.)
-If you have a really common name, (you Smiths know who you are!) make sure you include your full name.
-If you have a question about the contest please leave it in the form of a comment. That way I can answer it once for everyone.

The contest is open until Sunday, March 25th.
I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

Congrats to Mike and Angie!
I’ll contact you soon about setting up your photoshot!!!