Not-So-Corporate Head-shots

For several years Anderson tried to tell me that I should take on some corporate clients and do head-shots. He’s worked for several companies who bring in photographers a few times a year for this type of work, and they make ridiculous money. (Like 4x what I charge!) But for the longest time I said, “Heck no.” I did that one time. White backdrop, lights, off-camera flash. The whole deal. And I hated it so much. It just wasn’t fun. The clients were awesome! Just not the work. I couldn’t figure out how to get people to embrace not-so-corporate head-shots. So I just turned down every similar opportunity that came up after that.

Until Whitney called. She’s a client who’s family I’ve worked with a lot. And I really, really like her. She told me she wanted to bring me in for “not stuffy” head-shots and even had the idea to use her company’s warehouse as a backdrop. So I finally said yes. And it’s been an amazing experience. Whitney showed me that corporate head-shots really can be fun! It usually takes someone (often a marketing person) with vision and creativity to convince “the higher-ups” that more relaxed pictures are the way to go, but I think the results are so worth it.

In the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to do head-shot sessions with marketing geniuses, graphic designers, VPs, lawyers, CFOs, sales reps, and even a beauty queen or two. 🙂 And I’ve absolutely loved it!

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