New York City – Part 1

After our gluttonous trek through New York City last week, I might look like a “big apple”. I mean, seriously, how can you even walk down the street without trying a bagel, donut, pizza, empanadas, churros… I could go on and on. And that’s all before 10:00 a.m. Anderson took on the city the way he does everything else in life: basically like a tornado tearing through the place! Running, running, and running in circles. I’m so grateful for his pack-everything-we-can-into-one-day mentality though, because we saw everything we wanted to. And even though it was a lot of walking I figured, hey, it balances out all the food! Oh, and it was freezing. So, so cold. Duh, right? We wanted to experience NYC at Christmas, and we did indeed. It was incredible. Trees, lights, and larger-than-life decorations everywhere. It’s impossible not to get into the Christmas spirit in that environment! But next time we’re going in the spring. Of course, we both took a ton of pictures. Way more than I will overload you with today. I’ll just save the rest for tomorrow!

The pics below are from Central Park, Harlem, Chelsea Market, Brooklyn, and just random spots along the way.

A few favorite places from this part of the trip: Amy Ruth’s in Harlem had some of the best home-style food I’ve ever eaten, and you know that’s a big deal coming from a southern girl! After we ate there we were walking through Harlem and smelled something yummy coming from Make My Cake, so we had to stop in. Tina Fey mentioned it awhile back in InStyle magazine, and that was good enough for me! We took our goodies to go though. I think that was the one time we were too full to eat anymore! We ate at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn (of course) and finished a whole large pie by ourselves. See, I was serious about all the eating! Strawberry Fields (huge Beatles fan here), Belvedere Castle, and the Balcony Bridge were some of my favorite spots in Central Park. But our absolute favorite meal of the trip was at Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant in Midtown. And I loved everything about Chelsea Market. Everything!