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I try to make my home a fun place where we celebrate little, everyday things and make a big deal out of holidays. Why not?…

I try to make my home a fun place where we celebrate little, everyday things and make a big deal out of holidays. Why not? Each day is a gift, and any excuse for a party sounds good to me! I also like for the decorations around our house to have a personal, purposeful feel. So I find myself making a lot of decor, especially at holidays. For some reason traditional holiday decorations never excite me. For example, Mother’s Day pieces usually have a pastel, flowery feel. Nothing wrong with that at all! It just doesn’t really go in my house. So in celebration of the big day I made a banner and wanted to share it with you. You know, just in case you suffer from my disease of wanting to personalize everything too. Some may call it “doing things the hard way”… but whatever!

Step 1: Cut a pennant shape out of card-stock. I just used a ruler, but I’m sure you can find a template online somewhere.

Step 2: Once you decide what word to spell on your banner, (I did “Momma” since that’s what Kingston calls me) trace around the pennant shape onto the back of a piece of scrapbook paper. You’ll need one pennant for each letter. I used 3 sheets of 12″x12″ gold glittery scrapbook paper. Pick a color or pattern that you love!

Step 3: Print the letters you want to spell out onto card-stock. For “Momma” I needed 3 Ms, an O, and an A.

Step 4: Cut out each letter then trace it onto the back of your scrapbook paper inside the pennant shape.

Step 5: Using an X-ACTO knife cut each letter out of the scrapbook paper. Then with scissors, cut out each pennant.

Step 6: Choose several fun patterns to fill in your letters and print them out on card-stock. I found some black and white geometric shapes and patterns I liked (just search Google images!). Cut the paper and tape it to the back of your pennants completely covering each letter hole.

Step 7: Print a few favorite pics. And cut them out into whatever shapes you want. I used some recent black and whites of Kingston and me.

Now just attach the pennants and pictures to a string with tape or glue and add any embellishments you want. I added a strip of coral card-stock to the top of each pennant and a few other details to bring in some pops of color! Hang that baby on the wall, and you’re ready to celebrate one of the most important holidays of all! 🙂 Happy crafting!


  1. You are so creative Lyndsay!! I def need to do this sometime!! And what is that blanket or tablecloth you laid your stuff on?? It’s black and white? SOOOOO cute!!!

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