Mark and Laura Are Getting Married

I do a lot of photo shoots around the Beaches Town Center (it really is a perfect location), but my time there with Mark and Laura was extra special. The area holds a lot of meaning in their relationship. It’s home to the local coffee shop where they had their first date, the custom jeweler where Mark bought Laura’s gorgeous engagement ring, and the romantic spot where he asked her to marry him. (More on that subject in a minute.) There really was no other option when it came to choosing the spot for their engagement pictures. 🙂

So… Mark came to me a week before he planned to propose to Laura and asked if Anderson and I would hide out ahead of time and get a few pictures of the big event! I’ve never done that before and was SO excited. But let’s just say Anderson and I are not the most quiet people around, and I’m not sure that Mark will ever ask us to be part of a stealth operation again!

Mark and Laura, thanks for letting us be part of this incredibly exciting time in your life together. The fun is just beginning. 🙂