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How to Have a Great Day: – You’ll want to start with a sleepy little boy sneaking into your room and waking you up with…

How to Have a Great Day:

– You’ll want to start with a sleepy little boy sneaking into your room and waking you up with his mouth right next to your ear. He’ll say, “Get up, Mamma. It’s time to get up!”

– Tell that little boy you have a surprise treat for him. Then watch his face light up!

– Head all the way across the city to Sweet Theory Baking Company in Riverside. (It’s a drive from the beach but so worth it!) Sweet Theory is a vegan bakery that uses organic ingredients to make doughnuts, cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, and lots of other mouth-watering goodies. Everything on their delicious menu is egg, dairy, soy and peanut free. They also have some gluten-free items! Basically that all means I can eat sweet treats without feeling gross afterwards. Yes! It’s definitely on of our favorite local places to grab dessert, or breakfast, or a snack. 😉

– Let your cute side-kick pick his treat of choice. He’ll go straight for the doughnuts and pick the Homer. Get one for yourself too (obviously!) You’ll probably want to try the Stretch Pants. Then pick one more. This one is your wild card. You’re getting it “just in case.” Just in case you decide to stop by hunky husband’s office on your way home. You can’t tell him you went to Sweet Theory then show up empty-handed. You have to protect yourself! Pick the Maple Bacon for him.

– Grab your take-out box of goodness and a blanket and head to a nearby park. Then let that cute little boy attack his doughnut.

– You basically cannot have a bad day when you start it like this! Trust me. We tested it!

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PS – We did go by Anderson’s office, and he was pretty excited about the doughnut. He likes surprise as much as Kingston! Although he declared once again that he “doesn’t like bacon on his dessert.” We didn’t tell him it wasn’t even really bacon. 🙂

What other spots should we try for this Local Love series?!


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