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I have a confession to make. I’m not feeling very ‘Christmas-y’ this year. I think it has to do with moving last week and being…

I have a confession to make.

I’m not feeling very ‘Christmas-y’ this year. I think it has to do with moving last week and being so busy. I just haven’t been excited like I usually am. Even the Target Christmas section didn’t put me in the mood. We don’t have a tree up, (how can I even think about that when I’m still unpacking boxes?!) and I haven’t bought one gift. I don’t think I’ve been a total Scrooge, but close.

Well, last night that all changed.

The Clary Holiday Party is the event of the year. Everyone wants to be on the guest list, so when I got my invitation in the mail last month I was just a little bit excited! Anderson and I (along with 700 other people) went to the University Club in Jacksonville and kicked off the Christmas season in style last night. We had a blast!

Clary and Associates goes all out for this party. My friend Shari is in charge of it, so I’ve heard rumors but had no idea what to expect. Let me tell you…they had it all: to-die-for food; fun entertainment and a festive atmosphere that would put even the biggest Scrooge in the Christmas spirit!

Me and my hot date!


A signed U2 guitar in the silent auction. Anderson so wanted to bid on it. I’d rather pay our mortgage.

“Nat King Cole” was part of the entertainment.

PS- All these photos were taken with a canon powershot camera (not sure which model). I’m always disappointed with the results when I use a p and s, but sometimes it’s just not practical to bring my huge camera! I’m planning to buy a new p and s camera soon and would love any feedback from my fellow photogs. Any suggestions?


  1. I understand all to well about the guitar, in Adam’s mind, that would always come first, I can only imagine what he would be promising to do in exchange for even a chance at winning it! LOL!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am in the same boat as you with the whole not feeling “Christmas-y.” I am in the midst of moving, too, and it’s the last thing on my mind. I cannot wait until next Christmas, when I can actually decorate and buy things from that cute Target aisle.

  3. I’m not feeling the holiday spirit either. I guess b/c of everything that’s happened this year + Carl being gone constantly. We’re skipping Christmas all together and going to Mexico lol.And for my “purse cam” I use a Nikon Coolpix. I’m the same way with the results but I’ve found this little mamma jamma impresses me for being a point and shoot. I don’t like Nikon for the DSLRs but for a good “purse cam” [that’s what I call mine] – it gets the job done nicely!

  4. Um…hello..hottie alert. You may have been scrooged but you looked hot doing it:). They totally have a pink tree at Target…IF I had my own place it would be mine! Maybe you should get one to make you happy

  5. I forgot to mention that I want this little baby for christmas… Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3THE LENS – a leica 24-60 F2.0-2.8FULL HD VIDEO!FAST RESPONSE AND 2.5 FPS RAW SHOOTING ISO 3200!I think this camera will slove all my p&s problems 🙂

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