Happy Dad’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the “other” dad in my life!
I’m so grateful that Anderson is my Baby Daddy! These are just a few reasons why:

-He’s always willing to sacrifice for us. He recently started the crappiest work schedule ever but hasn’t complained about it once.

-Every night he takes Kingston outside to say goodnight to the moon. If he forgets, Kingston points at the door and says, “Moon?”

-He’s a really involved dad. He spends as much time as I do taking care of Kingston. I’m thinking this is pretty rare. He gets up with him on weekends and teaches him funny songs, dance moves, and words.

-Although he said he’d never touch one, he’s changed more diapers than me. He might gag the whole time, but he does it!

-Somehow he finds time to go to a weekly men’s Bible study.

-The man goes to the grocery store. The list could have started and ended there. For real.

-He prays with Kingston.

-He’s always coming home saying, “Have you heard this band/song?” And since I”m lame the answer is usually no. I love that he introduces me to new music. No top 40 around here!

-Kingston chooses him over me most of the time.

Love you! Obviously, the little guy in the picture thinks you’re pretty cool too.