I usually don’t like Christian movies. Wait, hear me out! A lot of times Christian movies are cheesy. It’s probably because they don’t have the huge budgets and skilled actors that the big studios have, so I understand why they turn out the way they do.

About a month ago our pastor told us about the new movie produced by Sherwood Baptist Church, Fireproof . I went to the website to watch the trailer and saw that Kurt Cameron was the main actor. Cheesy with a capital “C”! After viewing the trailer, I had no intention of seeing the movie. Well, while we were on vacation a few weeks ago my dad bought us all tickets. I figured it would be fun to go with Anderson and my family, and I have to tell you that I was so wrong about this movie. I cried through about half of it, and I seriously HATE to cry in public! It was by far the most compelling, powerful movie I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t gone yet, I really encourage you to go with your spouse. It does take about 10 minutes to get used to the less-than-stellar acting. It’s kind of like when you go into a theater that smells like dirty feet. It bothers you for awhile, but then you get used to it!

My dad also gave us all a book called The Love Dare. If you saw the movie, you know all about it, but did you know it’s a real book?! You can buy it here . No matter how strong your marriage is, you can benefit from seeing this movie. Let’s face it, people don’t stay married anymore, and we need all the resources and help we can get!

If you’ve already seen it, I’m curious about what you thought.