Edge NYC – Hudson Yards – New York City

*We spent Spring Break in our favorite place earlier this year. It was mid-March, and we barely made it home before everything started shutting down because of COVID 19. I realized last week that I never shared anything about the trip. When the world shut down it felt weird to post about travel, and then we got a little busy trying to work from home while also helping Kingston with school work. But as I’ve read about New York slowly reopening over the last month I’ve felt a renewed excitement about the possibility of traveling again and with that a desire to share about our last trip here! So here goes…

edge new york

Edge opened while we were in New York in March, and we couldn’t decide if it was a good idea to be some of the first people to experience it or not!?! At 1,100 feet in the air, this Hudson Yards attraction is the highest skydeck in the Western Hemisphere! If you haven’t visited Hudson Yards yet, it’s a new neighborhood that was built from the ground up on the west side of the city, located between Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. The outdoor deck is made of frame-less glass panels that are angled outward and suspended in mid-air off the side of a building. Not on top of a building; OFF THE SIDE OF A BUILDING!!! The views of New York City and New Jersey are amazing and left us feeling like we were floating in midair. We spotted the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Freedom Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Hudson River. I read that on a clear day, you can see 80 miles into the surrounding areas of New York and New Jersey. There’s also a triangular glass section in the middle of the skydeck for the bravest (craziest?!) people to look 100 stories down to the street below. I was so proud of Kingston for sitting on the glass triangle with me! He doesn’t like heights, and was so nervous about visiting Edge. But he was incredibly brave and even touched the glass walls before we left! 🙂

Before Edge opened, the Empire State Building claimed the city’s tallest observation deck at 1,050 feet. And we love Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock, but it’s only 850 feet high! Edge is located at 30 Hudson Yards (at the corner of 10th Avenue and 33rd Street). You go inside, ride up an escalator that spits you out in a shopping mall, then get on an elevator that takes you to the 100th floor in 60 seconds. The closest subway stop is the 34th Street–Hudson Yards train station, on the 7 line.

We’re hoping this incredible New York City attraction can reopen again soon, because we’ve officially added it to our list of “must do” NYC experiences! You can learn more and get your tickets here.

PS – Spot the pic that gives away how I really felt about leaning on the glass!

edge new york

edge new yorkedge new yorkedge new yorkedge new york

Do you see Lady Liberty?!

edge new yorkedge new york

That triangle up there? That’s the observation deck!

edge new yorkedge new york

You can see the street below… 100 stories down!

edge new yorkedge new yorkedge new yorkedge new yorkedge new york