DIY – TV Trays

Anderson wanted to register for tv trays when we got married. I thought it was really weird and had a little bit of an “Oh no. This guy doesn’t think we have to sit at the dinner table every night and talk about our days? Am I making a mistake?” moment. We never had tv trays in my house growing up. And I really only associated them with sitcoms that featured dysfunctional families who sat in front of the television and ate dinner. So… I didn’t want to register for tv trays. But we did. And 5 years later, I kind of like them! We only use them once in a while. Usually on a Sunday afternoon when Kingston is napping and we want to watch something on Netflix while we eat lunch. They’re ugly though, so I always keep them behind the couch. But one day I looked at them and realized I could make them much cuter with just a little paint! So I did.

I spray painted the legs gold then painted the top with left-over paint (Valspar: Tranquil Bay) from our kitchen/living room area. This is also the same paint I just used in our bathroom. We over-bought just a bit. šŸ™‚ Thankfully I love the color, and we’re finally down to the last gallon. Once that dried I taped off some lines and filled them in with pink and teal with craft paint. Then I put a very thin yellow line in between the bigger stripes.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m the world’s messiest painter?! Oh well. After the lines dried I sprayed two coats of clear lacquer over the top to seal everything.

Ta Da! So much better, right?! I love how a little paint can make a big difference.
This would also be a cute project for an end table, wooden chair, or even a coffee table. Happy DIY-ing!