DIY Guitar Pick Stencil Jeans

I’m loving all the fun geometric prints lately from places like Thief and Bandit and Gap. Last week I was going through Kingston’s closet and saw these jeans that I’ve never really liked. They fit a little weird, but I decided to try a DIY project instead of putting them in the “go away” pile.

-Fabric Paint
-Paint Brush
-Guitar Pick
-Freezer Paper

Step 1: Trace the guitar pick on the dull side of the freezer paper a bunch of times. I used about 20 shapes for Kingston’s pants. I chose a guitar pick, because I like the shape and thought it would make the pants cool and a little more boyish than other shapes.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes and arrange them on the pants. Then just iron them onto the jeans (shiny side down.)

Step 3: Using your fabric paint, fill in the shapes and let the jeans dry for a few hours. (I planned to use black paint. That’s why it’s in the top picture but decided turquoise, coral, and brown were much better!) Once the paint is dry just peel off the freezer paper. And you’re finished!

This little guy wore these pants a few times last week, and people asked about them everywhere we went. DIY score! 🙂