DIY Christmas Ornaments

Hey Moms!
It’s Christmas break time, and you know what that means: little people to entertain for TWO weeks!
So here’s a Christmas DIY project using your own family photos (or any photos you want) that would be fun to do with the kiddos.

I bought the circle ornaments at Michaels. I think they’re actually paper mache and were less than $1 each.

Step 1: Paint the edges of the circles. I used bright colors to match our Christmas decorations.

Step 2: Use an ornament to trace circles on the pictures you printed. Make sure you include the parts of the picture that you want on the ornament.
I printed my pictures on regular paper but might try card-stock if I did this again.

Step 3: Cut out all the circles.

Step 4: Add a very thin layer of rubber cement to the ornaments. Then attach the pictures by lightly tapping them with your fingers.
Don’t rub, or you might smear the ink. Let them dry, then hang them wherever you want!

Mine ended up on the tree, but I think they’d also be cute as part of a garland or on presents instead of name tags!
Happy DIY-ing!!!