DIY Camera Shirt

I have to just say a little something about my last post… Wow! You people blew me away. I really didn’t know how you would…

I have to just say a little something about my last post…
Wow! You people blew me away. I really didn’t know how you would respond to what I shared, and all I can say is THANK YOU!
Thank you for being supportive, open, and transparent. I’ve never gotten such a big response from a post before. And even though I haven’t yet responded to all of your email and Facebook messages, I’ve read each one of them. Thank you for taking the time to write back and share your own stories. So many of us have had similar experiences, and I just wanted to share one more thing with you.

I mentioned that a friend who beat postpardum depression helped me, and I wanted to link to a website she created after her struggle. You can see it here. And I’d just like to encourage you to share it with at least one other woman. If you don’t have kids yet, bookmark it for later, just in case. If you are struggling right now, make this your homepage! And if you know a new mom who might be having a tough time, send her an email with the link. Don’t worry about crossing a line or being rejected. If she needs it, you’ll be doing her a HUGE favor. And chances are, she does need it!

Now… moving on to much more shallow stuff!
I know this is such a cliché: Photographer’s kid wearing a camera shirt, but I just couldn’t help myself!
If you’re just as powerless as me when it comes to cutesy clothes for your little munchkins, here’s how you can make your own camera shirt!

1. Cut a camera shape out of the felt. I like using felt to embellish, because it adds a bit of a puffy, 3D feel. I cut the camera out freehand, so it would have a handmade look. Then when people see it and say,”OMG! Did you make that?” I can pretend to be embarrassed at the flattery and say, “Yes. Yes I did!” Ha!!

2. Cut out 2 rectangles and 2 circles from the scrap t-shirt fabric. I did the rectangles free hand and used a bottle and a baby food jar for the circles.

3. Attach the rectangle and circle accents to the felt camera using the embroidery floss.

4. Pin the camera to the front of the shirt and the interfacing underneath (on the inside of the shirt). Then attach the camera with more embroidery floss.

5. Try it on your cute kids and admire your skills!

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  1. I LOVE your new blog, if I haven’t mentioned it yet. It’s so great!!! I appreciate how open and honest you were with your last post. I’m obviously not a mom yet, but I feel like you felt before kids. Thanks for being real. Life can be so difficult sometimes. Even though the good out ways the bad in the end, it’s healthy and freeing to be open and share it for what it is. Big hugs! xoxo

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