Design Projects

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this much here, but I do some part-time graphic design work for my church. And I love it! I get to work with a great team to create the look and feel of fun events and teaching series. I also do some freelance design work (lots of event invites!) through Pink Coffee. I thought it would be fun to share some work with you! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from church… and a couple of personal ones too.

Simply Southern-Final-2

Southern-style restaurant and catering company.

The Art Garage-Blog

Art School for kids and adults.

Logo for a personal trainer.

Graduation announcement for a college student.

Mustache Bash – Fall Leadership Training at Chets Creek Church.

Father’s Day Card.

Surprise Party Invitation (for someone who loves all-things-green).

Harvest Celebration at Chets Creek Church.

Bridal Shower.

Volunteer Celebration at Chets Creek Church. The theme was”Our Volunteers Rock!”
PS-Who wouldn’t want to work for a church that sends out an invite telling people to wear their “favorite rocker gear” and come party like rock-stars? Ha!

The King’s 1st Birthday.

We kept things low-key. 🙂

Kingston’s Birth Announcement.

Harvest Celebration at Chets Creek Church.