Dear Mom

Dear Mom, The other day Kingston and I were in a store, and he was being such a good boy. (Duh!) But then as we…


Dear Mom,

The other day Kingston and I were in a store, and he was being such a good boy. (Duh!) But then as we started to leave I told him to say goodbye to the nice lady who had helped us. He turned his head away from me, and said, “I don’t want to say that to her.”

In a second it all came back.

Toddler Me standing by your side at church as you told me to speak to” Mrs. So-in-So.” Then me rolling me eyes and saying, “I don’t want to.” How did you not knock my baby teeth out, Mom?

I realize now that you are not only gracious and kind, but patient too. Very patient!

Thank you for being the kind of mom to me and Don that I want to be to Kingston. Thank you for teaching us to be kind to others and to have good manners. You taught me to make other people feel good about themselves, to compliment and talk about them, to make them feel at ease. I’m so grateful for that, because I’m not a natural extrovert like you! Thank you for never belittling us or yelling at us (in public!) but for laying down the law at home. And for letting us know what you AND JESUS expected of us. Thank you for teaching me that some things aren’t important. The art of “picking your battles” doesn’t come natural for young moms, but I feel like it’s a little easier for me, thanks to you. Thank you for expecting us to clean our rooms, but not forcing us to make our beds. That simple act reminds me that some things just don’t matter! Thank you for teaching us God’s Word… not just reading it to us but making sure we memorized it too.

I love you, Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!

PS- By the time we left that store Kingston told the shop lady “Goodbye” AND “Have a nice day.” He might not eat anything but french fries but he’s gonna be kind to others. See?! I’m picking my battles. 🙂


  1. Lins, It just runs in the family. When your precious Mama was about Kingston's age all the little ladies would come up and want to touch her or talk to her. One time y'all were at the grocery store and a old lady came up and said, "What a cute little girl". Your cute, adorable, curly headed Mama replied, "shut up" ha ha Our Mama gasped and said, "oh that's right we didn't shut up the car windows." and rushed out of the store. see it runs in the family. love you Happy Mothers Day. <3

  2. I adore this post and the sweet relationship you and your mom have. Happy Mother's Day ladies!

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