crème and sugar

I get questions about the specialty items I offer along with print packages, so I’ve decided to feature some of them here. If you are a visual person like me, it helps to see examples of what you’re ordering! I like to call these add-on items “crème and sugar”, because they’re a little something extra to go along with your pinkcoffee package!

Today’s featured item: storyboards
Storyboards are custom designed with a series of images from your session. The final print is mounted on heavyweight mat board and includes a tabletop easel. I love these, because they’re different! You can display them anywhere and don’t even need a frame.

A storyboard one of my senior ’09 clients recently ordered. The number of images, background color and wording is your choice. This one included the maximum number of images (9), but they can be made with as few as one.