Color in Motion 5k

Let’s get some things straight first. I don’t consider myself a runner. I do run. (Actually it’s more of a jog.) But only so I can zip up my skinny jeans. Also, I despise every run until the last few yards when I start believing that I am indeed going to survive once again. And as a rule, I don’t like to pay to work out. I’d rather buy a new pair of shoes than a gym membership. So that’s why I never do organized runs. They usually cost at least as much as a monthly gym membership. And yes. I know they are almost always for charity, but I’d rather just send the charity a check than pay AND have to run. Does this make sense to anyone other than me?!?

Okay, I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

Now I can tell you about (my first 5k) the Color in Motion 5k without sounding like a fake “Oh, I love to run” kind of girl. Honestly it was such a blast! The whole event felt more like a block party than a race. It’s not even timed! That’s my kind of race, people. My friend Tara hung with me and kept me laughing the whole time even though I know she could have lapped me twice. Thanks Tara! We started out clean, but by the end of the race looked like sweaty smurfs. At each kilometer volunteers threw powdered color on us. And since holding your breath while running is NOT easy, our lungs were probably colorful too. If you’re not a competitive runner but want to try a 5K I totally recommend this one! Just make sure you bring an extra pair of pants, so you don’t have to drive home pants-less. Not that I know anything about that.