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I loved working with Angee! Her bubbly personality and quick smile were the first things I noticed about her. She exudes optimism and her words…


I loved working with Angee! Her bubbly personality and quick smile were the first things I noticed about her. She exudes optimism and her words are always encouraging – it’s like she can’t help it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Angee owns her own business and while she refers to herself as a virtual assistant, her clients call her an “administrative partner.” She works with woman business owners and by providing administrative support to them, she frees them to do more of what they love and focus on the reasons they started their business.

After she approached me about needing some new head shots (she’s updating her website) we learned that we go to the same church! Then I started poking around her website (I almost always do this before meeting a client – yes I stalk you online!) and read how her business came about. She’s one of those “walk by faith” people, and I was so encouraged when I read about how she stepped out in faith to start her business after years of unfulfillment at a corporate job. So much that I wanted to share her words here:

“After much consideration and frustration of trying to achieve my calling, I approached my husband and explained how I was struggling to fulfill my purpose while working full-time.

My husband had sensed my stress and agreed that I should continue on the path of finding my purpose. He supported my decision, and we agreed that I would build my virtual assistant business. We reviewed our finances, prayed, and set a date that I would give notice and leave the corporate world behind. I was excited to finally be on the right path.

The week prior to handing in my resignation, my husband suddenly lost his job. I feared that I had made a mistake in finding my purpose. I was devastated.

My husband and I discussed our options. Much to my surprise, he said he wanted me to continue finding my purpose. After much prayer, we both agreed to continue moving towards what we believed was the correct paths for our lives.

I turned in my two-week notice on faith that it would all come together and make sense. I was afraid we were going to lose the home we had just bought. I was afraid we would struggle without money and it would hurt our marriage. And I was afraid of failing at my calling.

Iโ€™m happy to report that over a decade later not only do I still have my practice but my husband is also working with me in the company and has been the last 8 years.

I now know that my purpose is to help women focus on what they enjoy about their business and also help them to focus on themselves as individuals by helping remove from their lives what they donโ€™t enjoy and replace it with ease.”

How awesome is that?! Sometimes when we take a step of faith we expect all the storms to calm and the pieces to easily fall into place, but that’s not how God always works. Sometimes everything falls apart and the storms rage on, and all we can do is keep our eyes on him. But! He is always faithful.

I mentioned that Angee is updating her website, but you can still look around her current one here and see what services she offers. Also, can we talk about how perfect her hair is for a second?! Those curls!!!





  1. WOW~these shots are just incredible. The second one is my favorite, she has a total Carrie Bradshaw vibe going on in it! And you were right about the fabulous hair!

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