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Amanda is a crier. Especially when it comes to anything involving her sweet girls. I laugh at her about it, but the truth is: I…

Amanda is a crier. Especially when it comes to anything involving her sweet girls. I laugh at her about it, but the truth is: I love it! She adores her daughters so much that you can absolutely feel it when you’re around the three of them. Being in the company of this fun little threesome always makes me smile. They’re kind, funny and (obviously) beautiful. And they’re the kind of people you just want to spend time with.

Amanda, I hope these pictures make you cry. 🙂 And laugh a little too!


  1. These pictures are so beautiful. Pretty girls for sure! The way you capture the offbeat moments is my favorite part though.

  2. I work with Amanda at the Allegro, even thought we have only known eachother for a few months, these photos brought me to tears. Amanda is one of the kindest , loving and most positive people I know. Anyone is lucky to have her in their company. Can't wait to get some photos done!!!!!

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    I am somewhere between speechless, in awe, laughing at loud with tears of joy and admiration falling down my face as I look at these AMAZING photos of three of my FAVORITE ladies!!!!!!!
    Amanda is the opitomy of Grace & Elegance wrapped up in layers of fun, love and laughter. You captured the inner beauty shining through these precious souls making their outer beauty shine even brighter!!

  4. Hard to follow after Callie and Karen..:) girls are fabulous writers…both of you expressing how I and everyone feels around these 3 beautiful girls! Very well said…..the Pictures are so natural and beautiful. A job well done by a great photographer….I saw this with the Foyes photographs too. Very creative….Can't imagine how hard it will be to choose!!

  5. I never thought anyone could capture the essences of three of my most favorite girls, but Lyndsay you have done it! I absolutely LOVE these photographs of my sister and nieces, they are so beautiful and I can't wait to place an order to have them hung in my home for all those I know to see your artwork and my sweet family.

    And Amanda, as your sister I feel I can say this, your legs look hot! lol!

  6. Oh, I think I was ready to cry, too, looking at these!! Incredible!! Amanda and her girls are amazing as is the photographer – makes for a fantastic combination!! These are so fun and sassy and sweet and beautiful all at the same time. Love love love!

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    Call me crazy, it won't be the first time……. I always start my day out reading positive quotes and stories of afformation. But this morning as I drink my coffee I was drawn right back to your page. And let me tell you…….. The smile on my face is HUGE and I KNOW!!!!

  8. These three ladies are as beautiful as can be. If you are ever around them you will find that they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I love these girl's.

  9. Beautiful family. Great looking girls. Not hard to take beautiful pictures when the people you are taking them of looks like them.

  10. Amanda … These photos of your beautiful familiar AHHH-mazing. You look fantastic, sexy, playful, beautiful and fun. The gorgeous little angels are so precious. These photos are sooooo amazing!!!!!!!

  11. I have looked at these pictures about 4 or 5 times now and keep taking my friends to your website to show them my beautiful sister and nieces and how awesome these pictures are! I love them!!!

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