spin the wheel

Happy Wednesday!
I planned to do an "Outfit of the Week" post today. I even did a fun little shoot that included balloons and everything. But I can't find the images ANYWHERE. They've completely disappeared! Fun little things like this have been happening to me a lot lately. Too much on the 'ole mind, I guess.  

So instead I thought I'd show you one of my favorite "little man" outfits. It's from the Amy Coe line at Babies R Us. I love everything from her line. The silver puffy vest KILLS me! And the baby Converse shoes make it a little punk-ha!

And check out my favorite recent thrift store purchase: The Wheel of Responsibility. Isn't it hilarious? I got it new in the package for $1.99. And I'm not gonna lie… I've been taking practice spins when Anderson isn't home. 🙂

A few pregnancy highlights—

-We're getting SO EXCITED!!! Technically, I have about 2 ½ weeks left, but I'm pretty sure I could pop any day. I keep willing it to happen. So far, no luck. 🙂 None of the old wives tales are working either, but I'll keep trying. I'm enjoying my daily dose of spicy food!

-Anderson went to my last doctor appointment and was hilarious. I felt like I was there with a kid. He got really bored and started going through all of the stuff in the room. Then when I told him to stop playing with everything he threatened to hide behind the curtain and scare the doctor when he came in the room. Wow!

-We bailed out of our last two birthing classes. Just couldn't handle it. I didn't show up to the nursing class I'd signed up for either. We're just going to wing this thing! Probably not a good idea. The other day Anderson asked what exactly we're supposed to do when "it's time". I just stared at him blankly and said, "Ummmmm I don't know." He wanted to to know the doctor's number. I don't know that either. But I'll add that to the list of questions I need to ask the doctor tomorrow. The list I keep losing…

-Anderson set up the pack and play in our bedroom a few days ago, and I can't stop staring at it. It's hard to believe there will be a little person in it! The fun is just beginning!!!