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Happy Wednesday!I planned to do an “Outfit of the Week” post today. I even did a fun little shoot that included balloons and everything. But…

Happy Wednesday!
I planned to do an "Outfit of the Week" post today. I even did a fun little shoot that included balloons and everything. But I can't find the images ANYWHERE. They've completely disappeared! Fun little things like this have been happening to me a lot lately. Too much on the 'ole mind, I guess.  

So instead I thought I'd show you one of my favorite "little man" outfits. It's from the Amy Coe line at Babies R Us. I love everything from her line. The silver puffy vest KILLS me! And the baby Converse shoes make it a little punk-ha!

And check out my favorite recent thrift store purchase: The Wheel of Responsibility. Isn't it hilarious? I got it new in the package for $1.99. And I'm not gonna lie… I've been taking practice spins when Anderson isn't home. 🙂

A few pregnancy highlights—

-We're getting SO EXCITED!!! Technically, I have about 2 ½ weeks left, but I'm pretty sure I could pop any day. I keep willing it to happen. So far, no luck. 🙂 None of the old wives tales are working either, but I'll keep trying. I'm enjoying my daily dose of spicy food!

-Anderson went to my last doctor appointment and was hilarious. I felt like I was there with a kid. He got really bored and started going through all of the stuff in the room. Then when I told him to stop playing with everything he threatened to hide behind the curtain and scare the doctor when he came in the room. Wow!

-We bailed out of our last two birthing classes. Just couldn't handle it. I didn't show up to the nursing class I'd signed up for either. We're just going to wing this thing! Probably not a good idea. The other day Anderson asked what exactly we're supposed to do when "it's time". I just stared at him blankly and said, "Ummmmm I don't know." He wanted to to know the doctor's number. I don't know that either. But I'll add that to the list of questions I need to ask the doctor tomorrow. The list I keep losing…

-Anderson set up the pack and play in our bedroom a few days ago, and I can't stop staring at it. It's hard to believe there will be a little person in it! The fun is just beginning!!!


  1. You are so funny! Y'all will be just fine. I know you are both excited and I am happy for you. Since I missed your baby shower while I was out of town, I have a good reason to see you and bring your gift after the baby arrives.

  2. I totally need one of those wheels of responsibility, except I would definitely rig it somehow!ha! The outfit is adorable too… he is going to be one stylin' little boy!:) Can't wait to meet him.

  3. I didn't have the doctors office phone number saved in my phone when I was getting close…and Jeff laughed at me…he of course googled it and we all saved it! Haha…

    I am so excited for you! Garrett is growing up so fast…enjoy these last moments

  4. hahaha! This reminds me of my pregnancy with Giovanni. Except, I went to all of the birthing classes and dr's appts by myself (except the appt when we found out the sex). I think Mandy went to a few. The losing things is called pregnancy brain which will turn into Mommy Brain. I am convinced you never get your old brain back either, lol! I am excited for you both and I cannot wait to see who he looks like! Yay! oh, and I love the wheel of responsibility!

  5. I'd be tempted to rig it to always land on Dad. 😉 And I'm pretty sure when the time comes I won't even sign up for birthing classes. I picture sitting around a circle sharing feelings and I'd just really rather keep strangers thoughts AWAY from my girly bits. I understand where the baby has to come from. I'm still upset about it but I will manage when the time comes, as will you! Pretty sure if you start to spaz out a nurse will help you anyway. Bless them!

  6. ok, so the doctor "me" comes out…You'll do just fine winging it. That's what women did for centuries and did fine. 🙂 Be sure to keep your bag packed. Take a pair of house slippers you can throw away and don't keep anything on the floor in the hospital. Hospital cooties are bad, and they concentrate on the floor! Eat before you go to the hospital because when you get there, you won't be able to. (Technically I probably shouldn't tell you this, but it&

  7. Oh, and…um…the best way to make the baby come as quickly as it will…scientifically speaking…is to have REALLY GOOD..ummmmm….nookie. email me if you want the details as to why…;)

  8. Good luck!! I am excited for you! I remember, being where you are, daily doses of spicy food and everything. Just when my mind said this baby is going to be stubborn and make me go past my due date(2 1/2 weeks before my due date) I woke up the next morning and BOOM my water broke!!! They have a mind of there own even in the belly!!LOL! We also did the winging it thing, , somethings are just more fun that way! I know you will be a great mom!! Enjoy ever moment!!

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