pretty little brown babies

So, I don't remember the last time I slept through the night. Even when I took a little happy sleep-aid I still had to get up to use the bathroom a few times. Yuck! I lay in bed most nights thinking about how annoying it is that my hips are hurting and legs are cramping blah, blah, blah. Last night was worse than usual. Add to the mix: the baby doing jumping jacks, my mind running rampant and Anderson snoring. I seriously started crying, because I was SO. TIRED. Then out of nowhere I thought about this, and it changed everything:

I've always had very specific wants. Growing up, I wanted to marry a dark guy. Preferably one who loved God and played the guitar. I remember telling my Mom often that I wanted a dark man, so I could have little brown babies… because well, they're the prettiest. She always just laughed!

Unfortunately, I didn't wait for God to bring me that guy. I took matters into my own hands and dated someone for many years who didn't fulfill ANY of my childish wants. In fact I put those desires in the back of my mind. So far back that I didn't even think about them for a long time.


God blessed me with His best anyway. He sent me a hot husband, who isn't really that dark (except in the summer). But he's Latin, so that's close enough for me. 🙂 And he just happens to love Jesus and is a great guitar player.

I can't help but laugh. God blows my mind sometimes!

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4 

Wonder if we'll have a pretty little brown baby?!

So…Who cares if I can't sleep? I probably won't be doing much of that for the rest of my life anyway! This is just boot camp, and everyone cries during boot camp…right?!