1. I love the room colors! I actually bought Garrett that same outfit!!!! Gotta Love it….

  2. Son, i never said mom was grumpy… are you trying to get me in trouble? LOL…and go to sleep AT night!

  3. Lyndsay, this is so sweet. I told your mom yesterday when shestopped by, she is going to be such a great gammie. LOL She is sooooooooooo excited. I told her after you become a gammie, it gives you a Right to act crazy. I love it. Can't wait for your shower. Love ya sweet girl.

  4. Why am I not surprised that the baby's room is lime green with wild print curtains. I don't know if the baby CAN sleep in her. Whoa, turn down the lights already. Just teasin', you know I love it. Wish I had been as spunky when my kids were babies.

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