a little help from my (blog) friends

Completely dramatic, obnoxious post below. You’ve been warned.

So, last week was tough. I headed out to run (“jog”) my usual route Monday night but could barely make it through the 1st mile. Everything hurt! Ugh-I got really frustrated and came home. The same thing happened Tuesday except after I came home my back kept hurting. This went on for most of the week. Note here that I have a very hard head, and it sometimes takes me a while to accept the obvious. After a week of back pain and little sleep I realized that it’s time to stop running until the bebe gets here. No big deal for most people. It’s part of the whole process, and you’re supposed to listen to your body-yadda, yadda, yadda. But I didn’t take it so well. In fact I kind of freaked out as visions of the 400lb pregnant girl I’m destined to become filled my head. Anderson thinks I’ve lost it. I even made him promise to whip me back into shape when the baby comes. He did…with a bizarre, frightened look in his eye.

A few days have passed, and I’ve realized some things:
1. Compared to most people, my pregnancy has been a breeze. I should be thankful I could run this long!
2. It’s not like I have to sit on the couch with Oprah and a bag of chips for the next few months. I can still walk and swim for exercise.
3. Lots of people have gone through this and can give me some pointers.

So that’s where you, my female blog friends, come in. I’m really wanting to try prenatal yoga on the days I don’t do cardio. Have any of you done it? What version? Did you like it? Do you have any other suggestions? How did you stay fit during pregnancy? HELP!!! Yes, I’m actually soliciting advice for once, so hit me with it. 🙂

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