kristian learned how to make pink coffee

Remember Kristian?! She won my “How to Make Pink Coffee” contest!

Kristian owns Kreative Photography in Orlando, Florida. And last week she came up to Jacksonville for her mentoring session with me. She showed up at my door bearing Starbucks and won me over immediately! We talked a lot about shooting, branding and pricing, and I really enjoyed getting to know her. I always say it’s a really small world out there, but was still surprised when we realized that we know someone in common! After our (rather long-thanks to me) chat we met up with a great couple for their engagement session.

We shot Jessi and Chris’ engagement session at Adventure Landing in Jacksonville Beach. They were up for anything, so we even managed to get a few shots in the water park area!

The fist bump engagement ring shot…a new classic!

I couldn’t help myself-had to take another mirrored glasses shot!

Chris entertained us the whole time!

Jessi and Chris,
Congratulations! Thank you for being kind, patient and easy to work with. I know your wedding will be beautiful!

You rock! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me. It was fun getting to know you. Your honesty and real-ness is refreshing, and I’m excited that I now have somewhere to stay during my IKEA trips. 🙂 And thank you for your sweet words!