kacy learned how to make pink coffee

Kacy is one of the most stylish people I know. She’s a makeup artist and designer-graphics and jewelry. So it’s a bit of an understatement to say she has a great eye and killer style. The girl knows a thing or two about what looks good! When we talked about our session together she had a simple request for me. She just wanted to learn more about shooting. So I met her at her house, (one block from the beach; so jealous!) and we had a “how to shoot in manual mode” crash course. Then we put her skills to work during a laid back love session with a super-cute couple. Phil and Shelby have the best story. They met on a cruise ship! Isn’t that fun?! And they aren’t just pretty people. They are really funny and were so patient with us.

And they brought BIKES!!!

Kacy working her skills! I can’t wait to see some of the shots she got from this session.

Clearly, it was a fun afternoon. 🙂

And we ended with a little dance-off. 🙂