becky’s big birthday session

I first met Becky in a Broadcast Journalism class at Jacksonville University. Our first assignment was to make a how-to video. I can’t remember precisely…

I first met Becky in a Broadcast Journalism class at Jacksonville University. Our first assignment was to make a how-to video. I can’t remember precisely what mine was, but I think it may have involved cooking something…in the microwave. Becky’s was about how to change a tire. I was intrigued. The girl looked like a walking Barbie doll, but she knew how to change a tire. Why? If she ever got a flat there would be men lined up for miles wanting to help her. I learned that day that she is very independent and I liked her immediately. She’s one of my favorite friends. Always loyal and dependable, and LOTS of fun!

I wish I had time to write about all my “fun with Becky” stories. But I have to tell this one: We were in the airport on our way to Vegas. We’d made unusually good time, so we stopped for essentials in the gift shop: fashion magazines. When Becky reached in her purse to pay for her mags she gasped and then quickly collected herself like nothing was wrong. I was clueless until she pulled me to the side and said, “I have a gun”. Um, what?! “In my purse. I forgot to leave it in the car.” (Yes, we both have guns. Just one of the many reasons we are friends!) We had been dropped off, so there was no where to take it. We quickly went through our options, and they were not good. Leave it in a planter, ask if they have lockers and stash it in one, put it in one of the suitcases for sale in the gift shop, and my favorite-just try to make it through security.

Things got really interesting when we went and told the security officers, “We have a gun.”
We missed our flight.
Best trip ever. 🙂

Becky has a birthday this month, so we met up for a FUN birthday photoshoot!

Happy Friday, everyone!
Check back soon for all the details about my soon-to-launch Mentoring Program…and a giveaway-whoo hoo!


  1. Oh my goodness….I love it! I love the story (could totally relate – not that it's happened but I can see it happening!), love the pictures & idea of doing a birthday session!!! GORGEOUS!
    Quick question (plz forgive me if you've already answered before): what lenses do you use primarily? I love my 16-35 but find it is too much for standard pictures.

  2. Ooooooooooo! Other than spilling my MOST EMBARRASSING story (to date) 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 🙂
    Thank you so much!

  3. Nice. Where is that shop that is sea green on the outside? I think it says "Shorelines" on the outside. I NEEEEEEED some of that crazy stuff inside.

  4. Your blog posts are always so cute and Becky is a doll! I can only imagine the fun y'all have together. (I can totally relate to the gun thing. I have one, too;)

  5. That was a crazy funny story. Something crazy like that would happen to my best friend Stacy and I. Love the colors in this shoot and Becky is absolutely stunning! Great shoes girl! The cupcake looked delish too!

  6. Becky is like a walking Barbie 🙂 I remember seeing yall's Las Vegas pix–so fun 🙂 Yay for JU Dolphin peeps (and not to mention Communication majors!!) ;-D Funny story, btw 🙂 Lyndsay, you did an awesome job capturing her beauty and personality 🙂 Kudos!!

  7. WOW Love those photos. I just visited my brother in jax in Oct. Went to the sundog to eat. Might be moving there in may-aug. Would be interested to know where some of those aqua scenes are. Or if you can recommend any cool must check out places.

  8. What an awesome session…fun colors, fun clothes, and I'm crazy about the cupcake/shoes shot. Your story is hilarious, although probably a bit scary at the time. I'm curious to know what happened after you told the security guards….I'm guessing you ladies get pulled out of line for "extra security" now whenever you fly. LOL

  9. I just made the conection that your weather info friend is MY weather girl!!!! I guess because I have coffee in my pj's with her in my living room every Saturday I feel like I actually KNOW her! haha!! These pictures are so cute. She is just as precious as every Saturday!!

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