dear blog

-I was a terrible blogger last week, so here's a little dose of randomness…

-We went to the circus. Anderson had never been. Poor guy-he's lived such a deprived life. He loved the crazy animal tricks but was disappointed that it wasn't actually under a big tent-ha! Instead it was kind of like a low-budget cirque du soleil show. But we sat on the front row and laughed a lot. And I was especially entertained by the three bendy girls who could wrap their legs around their heads and stuff. 🙂 Weirdness! 

-Important News Flash: If you ask nicely at Chick-fil-a they will still make a yummy peppermint chocolate chip shake for you! Anderson told the girl in the drive-thru that he'd pay her $1 million if she'd make me one. She laughed and said they can make them until they run out of peppermint. (He took back the $1 million dollar thing.) I'm thinking about stock piling and freezing them to hold me over until next Christmas.

-When my Mom leaves a message on my cell phone she always tells me what time it is. It's so funny! Saturday she even told me the date. "Hey! It's Mom! It's January 30th at um…2:30." She cracks me up. 🙂

-I have this quirk that really, really gets under Anderson's skin. I always stop the microwave with one second left on the timer, because I hate hearing the loud "beep-beep-beep!" So, the microwave always has one second on the screen. Anderson is strangely bothered by this and is always clearing the "1" off the screen. Now I think it's funny and might do it just to annoy him. Same thing with leaving on all the lights, turning the air waaaay down and putting the toilet paper on the roll the WRONG way. Okay, maybe I have more than one quirk that gets under his skin.

-I bought soy milk the other day, because Anderson swears he's lactose intolerant. Actually, he says he's "lacto"… Whatever! Anyway, I don't think we'll be making that purchase again. Have you ever tried soy milk? It's kind of thick and has a tan color. And I don't think Mr. Lacto has even tried it.

-There's this one shirt that I wear A LOT. I didn't realize how much until I was organizing and archiving old pictures the other day and this Bon Jovi t-shirt kept showing up! How embarrassing. I'll have to give it a rest for a while.

These pictures span over 3 years-ha!

-Anderson bought me the most amazing running shoes. Interesting, because I don't run. In fact, I hate running. I walk for exercise, but never feel the desire to break into a run. (Side note-I ran track in middle school and one day at practice got so tired of running that I ran around the track, through the school parking lot and into my Mom's waiting car…and never looked back.) Anyway, these shoes actually made me feel so light that I almost wanted to run. And I can't stop talking about them! And last week a miracle happened, Anderson got me to run with him three times. I totally credit the shoes! Don't think I'm all disciplined and healthy though. I'm just temporarily motivated by our trip to Brazil this spring. We're kicking it off with 5 days in Rio (the land of beautiful bods). So, vanity is my motivator. 🙂

-When I was young I loved singing at church. Then as I got older I developed an extreme case of stage fright and insecurity about singing in public. So last year I asked God to please give me the strength to serve Him through singing, and He totally did. I'm so thankful for a God who uses my weaknesses to show me that alone I can do nothing, but through Him I can do anything! Amen? Amen! Ha! I thought it would be fun to post a little playlist for you of some of my favorite songs we sing at church. I know you'll like them too! Plus it's Monday, and we all need a little something to brighten the day, right?!

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