it's your day, mr. speedo

Happy Birthday, Mr. Speedo!!!Hoping the big 3-0 is your favorite birthday ever. I’m thankful for you for so many reasons…here’s my Top 30 List: -You dance…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Speedo!!!

Hoping the big 3-0 is your favorite birthday ever.
I'm thankful for you for so many reasons…here's my Top 30 List:

-You dance for me in the living room.

-You make up your own words to songs-even when you're playing guitar in church, and you're the only one singing the wrong words.

-You make me laugh so hard I can hardly breathe.

-You don't hold grudges.

-You are a true "free-spirit".

-You are HOT!

-You are not afraid to put me in my place when I need it.

-You send funny emails.

-You tell me I'm the best wife right after I burn your dinner.

-You use butter on your sandwiches…instead of mustard or mayonnaise.

-You have become a real handy man, Mr. Fix-it, Bob Vila around the house.

-You read your Bible late at night.

-You are really, really good with kids.

-You tell cheesy jokes, but your delivery makes them hilarious.

-You eat spaghetti without meat…just for me.

-You are secure with you are and don't worry about what other people think.

-You teach my random stuff everyday-like, rubbing dryer sheets in your hair really does get rid of winter static!

-You always want to know "why". This is a little exhausting!

-You are a talented musician.

-You are emotionally supportive and don't complain about my girl drama.

-You are an amateur magician.

-You screw up English words, and then pretend it's because you're Brazilian. (Remember when we were in Publix and you called the poinsettias "placentas"?!)

-You charge my cell phone every night.

-You are creative.

-You always greet me after work like we've been apart for weeks.

-Your laugh is contagious, and people love being around you.

-You clean the toilets and take out the trash without complaining…usually.

-You are a leader for me (and others) and work hard to be the husband that God wants you to be.

-Your face lights up when you talk to your brothers on the phone.

-You look good in a Speedo. 🙂


  1. you are crazy! i love you a million times a brazillian! Thanks best wife in the world, (and you didn't burn anything this time)!!! you make me so happy! can't believe you posted this pic…

  2. I LOVE this post Lyndsay- so sweet and funny 🙂 I tell you what- when yall have kids they are going to be hurting for cash about this time of year- Christmas AND 2 Birthdays only 10 days apart?! 🙂 Hope Anderson has a great day!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog! i am so excited to check yours out! it looks awesome! and your photography is amazing! hope your husband had an awesome birthday! haha, i love that you called him mr.speedo! haha

  4. This is too cute!! I butter my sandwiches as well and people in high school always thought i was so weird, its a foreign thing 🙂
    xo Sarah

  5. Aww! Too sweet just confirms my New Year's resolution to appreciate my hubby and kids in everything they do (even those annoying things like leaving the dirty blender on the counter:) I would miss that:) You're such a sweet wife!

  6. I LOVED reading this! Too sweet for words, and I laughed out loud at the poinsettia line! Hope "Mr. Speedo" has a great 30th:)

  7. I busted out laughing at the poinsettia thing…that is HILLARIOUS!!! I already feel like I know him lol.

  8. Awesome post. Hilarious! I laughed all the way through it. Placentas – that's great. But I'm still puzzling over the buttering a sandwich thing…I might have to try it…just once. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Anderson!

  9. Happy birthday to Anderson!!!!!! My favorite… "You always greet me after work like we've been apart for weeks." You two are soooo cute!!!

  10. Man, I hope that when I get married my marriage will be as fun and awesome as yours! I love yall!

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