it's your day, mr. speedo

Happy Birthday, Mr. Speedo!!!

Hoping the big 3-0 is your favorite birthday ever.
I'm thankful for you for so many reasons…here's my Top 30 List:

-You dance for me in the living room.

-You make up your own words to songs-even when you're playing guitar in church, and you're the only one singing the wrong words.

-You make me laugh so hard I can hardly breathe.

-You don't hold grudges.

-You are a true "free-spirit".

-You are HOT!

-You are not afraid to put me in my place when I need it.

-You send funny emails.

-You tell me I'm the best wife right after I burn your dinner.

-You use butter on your sandwiches…instead of mustard or mayonnaise.

-You have become a real handy man, Mr. Fix-it, Bob Vila around the house.

-You read your Bible late at night.

-You are really, really good with kids.

-You tell cheesy jokes, but your delivery makes them hilarious.

-You eat spaghetti without meat…just for me.

-You are secure with you are and don't worry about what other people think.

-You teach my random stuff everyday-like, rubbing dryer sheets in your hair really does get rid of winter static!

-You always want to know "why". This is a little exhausting!

-You are a talented musician.

-You are emotionally supportive and don't complain about my girl drama.

-You are an amateur magician.

-You screw up English words, and then pretend it's because you're Brazilian. (Remember when we were in Publix and you called the poinsettias "placentas"?!)

-You charge my cell phone every night.

-You are creative.

-You always greet me after work like we've been apart for weeks.

-Your laugh is contagious, and people love being around you.

-You clean the toilets and take out the trash without complaining…usually.

-You are a leader for me (and others) and work hard to be the husband that God wants you to be.

-Your face lights up when you talk to your brothers on the phone.

-You look good in a Speedo. 🙂