we saw Bono

I’m not much of a fan… of anything. This became clear as we were planning our road trip to the U2 concert in Tampa last week. Anderson and I were talking about how he gets really excited about his favorite musicians (Bono) and athletes (any Brazilian soccer player) and how I’m not really a loyal fan of anyone. Oh sure there was that time in middle school when I liked the Dallas Cowboys for about 10 minutes. I really just thought Troy Aikman was cute though. And yeah, I’m a “fan” of some photographers and designers on facebook. But am I going to pay a ton of money for a ticket to see them live? Or paint my face (or stomach-ewwwww) to spell out their name? Nope. Well, I decided that it’s time I try being a real fan of someone, and U2 seemed liked a good place to start. Besides, everyone loves them. Or at least knows some of their songs. Trust me-you might not realize it but you DO know at least one U2 song!

So here’s how I set out to morph myself into a real U2 fan:

-Agreed with Anderson that purchasing the ridiculously over-priced tickets was a great idea.

-Bought matching Bono shirts for the two of us. Yes, matching shirts. We will ONLY do this for Bono. And can I just tell you that of the 72,000 people in the stadium we had the coolest shirts there. Everyone wanted to know where we got them. eBay!

-Packed a comfortable outfit suitable for the 90+ degree weather. It’s really painful for me to choose function over fashion, but I even wore comfortable shoes just like Anderson instructed me!

-Chatted with random people about how great U2 is. I think it’s weird how having something in common brings strangers together.

-Sang my little lungs out to every single song and sweated like I was running a marathon.

I have to admit that the show was incredible!
Maybe the more you put into it, the more you get out of it?! I don’t know, but it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. 🙂


We had fun exploring Tampa. Thrift Store and IKEA were my favorite stops!

Professional cameras weren’t allowed. I have no idea how my point-and-shoot managed to get these shots. 😉


The Edge. (I want a name like that.)