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I’m not much of a fan… of anything. This became clear as we were planning our road trip to the U2 concert in Tampa last week….

I’m not much of a fan… of anything. This became clear as we were planning our road trip to the U2 concert in Tampa last week. Anderson and I were talking about how he gets really excited about his favorite musicians (Bono) and athletes (any Brazilian soccer player) and how I’m not really a loyal fan of anyone. Oh sure there was that time in middle school when I liked the Dallas Cowboys for about 10 minutes. I really just thought Troy Aikman was cute though. And yeah, I’m a “fan” of some photographers and designers on facebook. But am I going to pay a ton of money for a ticket to see them live? Or paint my face (or stomach-ewwwww) to spell out their name? Nope. Well, I decided that it’s time I try being a real fan of someone, and U2 seemed liked a good place to start. Besides, everyone loves them. Or at least knows some of their songs. Trust me-you might not realize it but you DO know at least one U2 song!

So here’s how I set out to morph myself into a real U2 fan:

-Agreed with Anderson that purchasing the ridiculously over-priced tickets was a great idea.

-Bought matching Bono shirts for the two of us. Yes, matching shirts. We will ONLY do this for Bono. And can I just tell you that of the 72,000 people in the stadium we had the coolest shirts there. Everyone wanted to know where we got them. eBay!

-Packed a comfortable outfit suitable for the 90+ degree weather. It’s really painful for me to choose function over fashion, but I even wore comfortable shoes just like Anderson instructed me!

-Chatted with random people about how great U2 is. I think it’s weird how having something in common brings strangers together.

-Sang my little lungs out to every single song and sweated like I was running a marathon.

I have to admit that the show was incredible!
Maybe the more you put into it, the more you get out of it?! I don’t know, but it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. 🙂


We had fun exploring Tampa. Thrift Store and IKEA were my favorite stops!

Professional cameras weren’t allowed. I have no idea how my point-and-shoot managed to get these shots. 😉


The Edge. (I want a name like that.)





  1. love, your presence made my bono experience ever better! soon you will have Intra Venous of u2 in your vein…you did leave out the part where we looked for Bono all over tampa.

  2. It's awesome that you can try to enjoy an experience that doesn't mean that much to you. I am really proud of my cousin for having a wife like you (smart genes those almeidas)! And woman, I have to learn how to use my digital camera like that, read the manual, right?!

  3. I LOVE YA'LL…I only wish we all could've seen them together. Wasn't the concert AMAZING?!?!?!?!? I'm so impressed with your point and shoot. So sad I didn't have one to take :(. Great post!

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