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Have you ever been in a situation where someone says, “So, tell me a little about yourself”, and you totally freeze? That’s happened to me…

Have you ever been in a situation where someone says, "So, tell me a little about yourself", and you totally freeze? That's happened to me many times, but not today! Below is a list, two actually. Thirty things that make me smile and thirty things that don't. Read it and study it closely, so you'll know how not to annoy me if we ever meet in person. Ha-kidding! Leave me a comment though. I want to know what makes you smile (or not) too!

Things that put a smile on my face:

1. Waking up each morning and knowing that God is in control!
2. Pineapple and cheese pizza.
3. "Air quotes". I try to use them at least once a day. 🙂
4. Being chauffeured. I don't like driving.
5. Dinner at Mom and Dad's and the leftovers we bring home.
6. Having a *star* on my license plate.
7. Completing a decorating project.
8. Funny notes from Anderson on our chalkboard wall.
9. Tattoos.
10. Roasting marshmallows.
11. Laughing with my Mom on the phone.
12. Finding a package by the front door. The best is when I forget I even ordered something.
13. A bowl of cereal for dessert.
14. Answered prayer!
15. Dinner at a restaurant I've never been to.
16. When I cook dinner and Anderson says it's the best meal he's ever had. (He says this every time!)
17. When a groom gets all choked up as his bride walks down the isle.
18. Tex-mex.
19. Trying to figure out what kind of animal people look like. Everyone reminds me of some kind of animal.
20. Pulling weeds.
21. Big, chunky, gaudy jewelry.
23. Maybelline Great Lash mascara.
24. Receiving a present for no reason.
25. Fresh flowers in the guest room.
26. When God shows up and does something so big I can't even try to explain it.
27. My Dad's hugs.
28. When I meet someone for the first time and feel like I've known them forever.
29. Christmas morning.
30. Hot sauce.

Things that I'm not so crazy about:

1. When I dry a load of clothes but some of them stay damp.
2. Anderson's new hobby-SNORING. It's killing me.
3. People who are uncomfortable with silence.
4. Coupons.
5. Left-lane losers.
6. Birthday clowns; any clown actually.
7. When I don't think before I speak.
8. Long flights. I've never been able to sleep on a plane.
9. Having to break up with bad friends.
10. When moms and daughters dress alike-creepy.
11. Returning phone calls. I'm so bad at this.
12. When people say things online that they would never say face to face. Not nice!
13. McDonald's Latte and Cappuccino. They seriously don't get anything right.
14. Resort-Wear. You know, those flowy matching pants and tops that some older ladies think are so chic?!
15. When I try telling a funny story, and it bombs. I'm the world's worst storyteller.
16. Dark meat chicken.
17. Teddy bears and almost all other stuffed animals.
18. People who spell my name wrong in a reply email. Hello, scroll to the bottom and check the spelling!
19. Ultra-preppy clothing. (monograms, plaid, etc)
20. Chewing with an open mouth.
21. Closed-minds.
22. Movies with less than stellar endings.
23. Racism.
24. When men wear sweaters tied around their shoulders.
25. When a waiting room only has really boring magazines to look at.
26. When someone outbids me on ebay with 3 seconds left.
27. Cats.
28. Bad pedicures.
29. Junk mail.
30. Negative people. Stay away from me!

And because a photography blog post without pictures just isn't right, here's something I'm looking forward to. This person (and her hubby) will be occupying our guest room this weekend:

One more thing. Remember the 5,000 pictures of me and Anderson from Scarlett Lillian's night shoot in Las Vegas? In case you didn't get your fill, go check out the fun behind-the-scenes video she posted today. You can see it <a href="">here</a>.


  1. #18 on things you're not so crazy about is one of my top annoyances in reply emails! People like to leave off my "e" – it's BrookeE not Brook or Book – ugh! 🙂

  2. great job, "telling us about yourself" I just recently got a p/t job and one article I read preparing for the interview talked about that question. How it is often asked in interviews and the job seeker answers wrong by saying what degrees they have, schools they went to or some training. All of that can be seen on your resume; they truely what to know about you; looks like you are ready for that question.

  3. BTW!!! I did get asked that question in my interview; i remember thinking to stay away from credentials but honestly can not tell you a thing I said lol. Funny how things like that can be such a fog afterwards.

  4. so true about McDonald's lattes! when i saw that, i was like "thank you, someone else agrees with me!" seriously, everyone i know thinks they are sooo good and i think they're disgusting! nothing beats starbucks! and by the way, you look gorgeous in the above picture!!

  5. #17 Watching a groom: When you and Anderson got married the look of anticipation on his face and the way he was holding his hands like he was praying up to his mouth was priceless! I've never seen a groom so excited, it was wonderful!! You both look at each other that way!!

  6. Well Lynds…don't look at my girls Easter pictures then…your not so crazy comment #19 is coming true 🙂 Crazy, but I am obsessed with monograms…guess I like to stake my claim 🙂 Regardless, great list – you did make me smile!

  7. haha-rachel, i think i’m just scarred from wearing them so much as a little girl. (name on the butt of underwear and everything)i bet i’ll do the same thing to my own kids one day though-so funny!

  8. First…what animal do I look like?!?!

    Second…your unsmiles are EXACTLY me!! Every single one I was like OH MY GOSH ME TOO! And now I'm actually annoying myself with the caps. But I just want to get across how much your unsmiles hit home! 🙂

  9. I forgot to mention the McDonalds coffee! Just the plain coffee is even gross! It's like it's burnt or something! I hate it.

  10. Lyndsay…sorry I spelled your name wrong earlier:) I am typing with one hand since Miss Ava doesn't like to be put down!!! Anyway, thanks…right now she lives here in Germany close to us, but she is moving back to the states this summer, most likely back to Michigan. She is very talented but is always looking to improve and learn new things…I have given her your blog to look at, you should look at hers to…


    check it out…and Happy East

  11. I laughed so hard at the image of you trying to figure out what kind of animal a person looks like…random, but very funny! Thought I can't believe you trashed a monogram!

    Have a Happy Easter.

  12. Lindsay – can you email me and let me know when Scarlett Lillian does another "Spend the Day with Me" contest? My sister-in-law is a photographer and I would love for her to experience a day with Scarlett…I LOVE her photos! I think Courtney would enjoy it too 🙂 THANKS and have a GREAT EASTER!

  13. Yeah, people never spell my name correctly. It's always "Megan". Even when I tell them how to spell it they still end up spelling it incorrectly.

  14. So I'm not sure if you got my last message or not…anyway, right now she lives here in Germany close to us which has been GREAT! But, she is moving home this summer, most likely back to Michigan. I have shown her your blog, and Scarlett's too! Courtney is very talented (her blog is but she is always looking to learn new things and improve and of course, she is her own worst critic. Anyway, check her stuff out 🙂 and THANKS for your help! HAP

  15. Just discovered your blog. Very fun… appreciate your bluntness about the Lord… what crazy creativity you have.. .love it. Thanks for adding some sparke to my late night creative quests. smile. Check out my website if you have a chance. 🙂 Jamie

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